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In the past few years, pharmaceutical companies have been investing heavily in enterprise-level business intelligence (BI) solutions and technology, to improve efficiency, save costs, and generate incremental value for their businesses.  

Being driven by IT teams with limited resources and capacity challenges, the deployment time for any BI solution takes anywhere between 6 months to a year.  

Choosing the right set of KPIs is crucial in making effective data-driven decisions. This is a two-pronged challenge – either companies spend too much time in identifying the right KPIs and metrics, or they focus only on getting basic metrics, which in turn can have a direct impact on the adoption of the solution amongst the business users. 

Companies, especially SMBs benefit from off-the-shelf reporting suites that can not only nudge them towards data driven insights, but also provide timely signals on performance measures. 

Solution Overview

DZXSightTM is a business intelligence (BI) based reporting and descriptive analytics suite that helps commercial teams understand the health of their businesses, identify potential opportunities, and mitigate risks.

DZXSight has been built with our strong pharma domain and technology expertise to provide pre-built reporting suites for sales and marketing teams. DZXSight spans a range of syndicated and internal data sources such as sales, Rx, re-distribution, patients, promotional, and customer data. It seamlessly integrates disparate data sources and custom business rules that cater to precise business needs and help drive strategic decision-making. Ready-to-use modules of DZXSight have the flexibility to be deployed as-is or after being customized to a business’ needs.


Product Features

Pharma Focused And Business Driven Cloud Reporting Solution

Pharma-focused and business-driven cloud reporting solution

Curated With An In Depth Understanding Of The Pharma Industry

Curated with an in-depth understanding of the pharma industry

ComprehensiveKPI Library Across Commercial Subject Areas

Comprehensive KPI library across commercial subject areas

Agile And Scalable Solution That Is Readily Deployable Within A Few Weeks

Agile and scalable solution that is readily deployable within a few weeks

Advanced Self Serve And NLP Capabilities

Advanced self-serve and NLP capabilities

Deployment Across BI Platforms Such As Tableau, Qlik And Power BI

Deployment across BI platforms such as Tableau, Qlik and Power BI

Business Benefits

Get Faster, Reliable, And Accurate Insights With Pre Built Modules

Get faster, reliable, and accurate insights with pre-built modules

Scale Across Products, Therapeutic Areas, And Geographies

Scale across products, therapeutic areas, and geographies

Economize The Cost Of BI Deployment Through Ready To Use Accelerators And Execution Expertise

Economize the cost of BI deployment through ready to use accelerators and execution expertise

Transform Into A More Agile, Data Driven Organization

Transform into a more agile, data-driven organization

Drive Increased Adoption Amongst Business Users

Drive increased adoption amongst business users

Empower Business Users With Flexible Data Discovery Tools

Empower business users with flexible data discovery tools

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