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Pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars on marketing campaigns to ensure that they reach the right physicians at the right time. We are experiencing an evolution of marketing channels and reach campaigns. Increasingly, the traditional approach of designing and implementing a marketing campaign once a year is becoming outdated. Brand teams want to measure ROI and get insights at the end of each campaign to be able to realign rapidly for the next campaign.  

Although the design and measurement of campaigns at frequent intervals sounds intuitive and something that the brand ideally must do, the marketing mix modelling exercise is time-consuming, tedious, and prone to errors. There is a need for a streamlined process now more than ever. A process that if set up once can run effortlessly with minimum human intervention with a modern state-of-the-art tool. 

Solution Overview

DZMaven brings human intelligence and machine intelligence together to digitize and accelerate pharma marketing effectiveness processes and enables organizations to get more value from their marketing investments. DZMaven incorporates industry-leading algorithms with the flexibility to include client-specific techniques and approaches. 

DZMaven can enable pharma teams to run the ROI analyses for campaigns quickly across all their projects at scale, ensuring analytically supported optimal budget allocations.  

DZMaven has one seamless platform servicing the complete needs of brand teams to measure ROI and make quick decisions. The modules simplify different aspects of campaign design and ROI measurement.  


Product Features

Automated ROI Analysis With An Intuitive Interface

Automated ROI analysis with an intuitive interface

Secure And Scalable Architecture Hosted On AWS

Secure and scalable architecture hosted on AWS that allows handling large and complex processing with ease

Historical Results And Benchmarks

Historical results and benchmarks can be stored and retrieved

Multiple Iterations

Multiple iterations with varying parameters can be run and analysed

Easy Visualization

Easy visualization of summaries and results across different modules

ROI Optimization

ROI optimization and budget allocation

Saving And Retrieval Of Results

Saving and retrieval of results

Project Ready Datasets

Project-ready datasets in a few clicks with the powerful ‘Data Playground’ module

Insights grounded in statistical techniques and validated by experts

Business Benefits

Faster insights — ROI analysis in minutes rather than days or weeks, thus allowing users to measure multiple campaigns in a year

Reduces the cost of analytics to a fraction of existing costs

Scalable to other brands, tactics, and data types

Flexible to incorporate client-specific ROI processes, approaches, techniques, and data systems

More control in user’s hand to arrive at optimal and accurate solution

Data Playground Module

Data playground module allows workflow execution at regular intervals

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