Pharma Commercial Data Platform

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Product Features

Scalable Across Therapeutic Class, Business Units, Brands, And Geographies

Smart connectors to ingest 300+ pharma data sources

100+ Pre Built Data Quality Checks Enable Early Discovery Of Data Anomalies

100+ pre-built data quality checks enable early discovery of data anomalies

Pre Built Reports For Sales And Marketing Teams Focused On Selective KPIs

Pre-built reports for sales and marketing teams focused on selective KPIs

Purpose Built For Pharma Commercial Data And Use Cases

Purpose-built for pharma commercial data and use cases

Data Catalogue And Lineage Map For IT Use Cases

Data catalogue and lineage map for IT use cases

Scalable Across Therapeutic Class

Scalable across therapeutic class, business units, brands, and geographies

Business Rules, SOPs, And Policy Repository For Knowledge Management

Business rules, SOPs, and policy repository for knowledge management

Configurable, Customizable, And Metadata Driven Solution

Configurable, customizable, and metadata-driven solution

Multi Layered Security Access Management

Multi-layered security access management

Business Benefits

Accelerates AI ML Deployment Through High Quality Data

Accelerates your product launches and growth needs

Reduces Deployment And Operational Cost

Reduces deployment and operational cost

Provides Complete Transparency And Control On Your Organization Data

Provides complete transparency and control on your organization data

Scales Up As Your Business Grows   Across Data, Products, And Geographies

Scales up as your business grows — across data, products, and geographies

Accelerates AI ML Deployment Through High Quality Data

Accelerates AI/ML deployment through high quality data

Establishes API Driven Connectivity

Establishes API-driven connectivity


Configurable data quality checks improve the data accuracy, consistency, completeness, and timeliness to empower data analysts to do their jobs effectively

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