DataZymes XSight

Pharma Commercial Insights Suite

Insights modules across Commercial providing signals to take timely action

DataZymes XSight is a comprehensive Pharma Commercial persona-based reporting insights suite that enables users to take timely actions through intelligent alerts and signals. These insights are enabled through advanced technologies such as NLP, self-serve, and offline capabilities. XSight insights suite has more than 200+ KPIs across sales, marketing, market access, and patient/hub functional areas. XSight insights suite is guided by metadata architecture, easy integration, and scalable design that can be enabled through a client-preferred business intelligence tool.

While clients have an option of bundling DataZymes Harmony with DataZymes XSight, XSight can also very easily integrate with any third-party or homegrown data platforms due to its metadata architecture and scalable design.

XSight has been built by Pharma industry professionals who understand the typical business questions faced by Pharma Commercial stakeholders. User experience has been given the most importance while designing the visualizations and dashboards. Users will be able to navigate through multiple dashboards seamlessly and reach their insights with few clicks and minimal friction.

XSight performance is enterprise grade. It can handle truly big datasets – including claims data for the largest of therapy areas with billions of records. We have tested XSight on multiple BI platforms and fine-tuned the performance to enable users to get a great experience.

XSight allows users to ask business questions via text and provides instant insights – just like Google. This ASK feature has been enabled for the most commonly asked business questions across multiple functions and subject areas.

XSight is deployed in an agile model where requirements are validated with clients through conference room-style meetings. Clients choose the KPIs and visualizations, customize the business rules, and build any custom dashboards as necessary.

Product Features

Pharma-focused and business-driven cloud reporting solution

Advanced self-serve and NLP capabilities

Exhaustive KPI library across commercial subject areas

Curated with an in-depth understanding of the Pharma industry

Readily deployable within a few weeks

Configurable as per business needs

Business Benefits

Get faster, reliable, and accurate insights

Improve drug commercialization and sales performance

Transform into a more agile, data-driven organization

Scale across products, therapeutic areas, and geographies

Embrace the power of data

Deliver a higher level of adoption across reporting personas

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