DataZymes Maven

Experiment at scale and agility to guide your investment decisions

DataZymes Maven brings human experience and machine learning together to digitize and accelerate pharma marketing effectiveness processes and enable organizations to get more value from their marketing investments. Incorporating industry-standard algorithms with the flexibility to include client-specific techniques and approaches.

Brand teams are constantly evaluating ROI of marketing tactics and want to get a quick directional evaluation of the campaign. But analytics teams have limited capacity and budgets, and can only support critical projects in a timely manner. This leaves many brand teams frustrated and forces them to make decisions based on gut feel or run sub-optimal campaigns.

Maven can enable pharma to run these ROI analyses quickly across all their projects at scale, ensuring analytically supported optimal budget allocations.

Product Features

Automated ROI analysis/test and control process with intuitive interface

Hosted on AWS cloud platform, can run multiple scenarios in a matter of minutes vs. days/weeks

Industry standard techniques and processes for algorithms

Charts and visualizations to help understand analytical outputs

Ingest data from any client proprietary data system into needed file formats before processing

Stores historical outputs for easy reference and benchmarking

Insights grounded in statistical techniques and validated by experts

Business Benefits

Fast insights — ROI analysis in minutes rather than days or weeks

Reduces cost of analytics to a fraction

Scalable to other brands, tactics, and data types

Flexible to incorporate client-specific ROI processes, approaches, techniques, and data systems

More control in user’s hand to arrive at optimal and accurate solution

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