DataZymes Intellia

Pharma Competitive Intelligence and Insights Platform

Single source of truth across commercial and R&D teams for competitive intelligence

DataZymes Intellia is an innovative solution that leverages a ‘human + machine’ approach to address some of the challenges facing the pharma competitive intelligence and insights community. Intellia enables users to surface insights with confidence and speed through a single source of truth and intuitive, advanced visualization. Intellia has been purpose-built to the needs and use cases of the Pharma CI and insights community and comes with pre-built modules, visualizations, and integrations with a comprehensive set of data sources. Due to the way Intellia’s backend is organized, data can be viewed and analyzed by commercial, R&D, and strategy teams in different ways to meet their specific needs and use cases while working on the same data foundation. Thus Intellia truly becomes the single source of truth for the entire organization around competitor companies and products.

Intellia has been purpose-built for Pharma CI stakeholders. There is a detailed landscape module that enables users to slice and dice the data in multiple ways. Users have the ability to view the landscapes in multiple formats – stacked, bulls-eye, and tree map. There are multi-select filters available to users allowing them to answer any business question. Users are able to navigate between landscapes and jump into clinical trial modules – all modules are interlinked. Along with the landscape module, users are able to view approval timelines, clinical programs, news alerts, conferences, company, and product profiles.

Intellia also solves one of the biggest challenges facing the Pharma CI and insights community – combining secondary and primary information. Based on the roles, access, and data governance agreed with clients, Intellia allows users to intuitively change some of the fields with primary CI through the front-end user interface.

Intellia is designed to be a self-service insights app and allows easy export of the visualization and dashboards to PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, and other formats. Users can quickly generate PowerPoint report with selected charts and dashboards in client-defined formats and get ready for meetings within minutes, thus being in complete control and not dependent on external consultants.

Product Features

Purpose built for Pharma CI teams – unique blend of Pharma, deep science, and technology/AI

‘Insights as a service’ – content + technology platform

‘Single source of truth’ for competitive insights across the organization

Advanced, pre-built visualizations to surface insights with speed

Automated data ingestion from 250+ Pharma data sources

Products team to support custom changes

Business Benefits

End-to-end solution, breadth of content, technology expertise

Accelerated deployment, readily deployable within a few weeks

Highly configurable and customizable


Scalable to multiple disease areas, indications, and user groups


Gain alignment across organization through democratization of data


Become efficient by reducing agency and human costs

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