An Advanced Data Quality Management Platform
Sayantani Sen

Measure and Improve Data Quality Across the Continuum

Measure and Improve Data Quality Across the Continuum 874 600 Vivek g

DZLumen TM Pharma Data Quality solution has 200+ Checks across variance, deviation, referential integrity and Business Checks.

As Pharma and Life Science industry heads towards a Patient-focused eco-system, data assets around patients and commercial business units are becoming much more important. Along with data, data quality serves as the foundation and root for the new-age patient wellness ecosystem.

Pharma companies are looking to achieve patient wellness, improved patient services and maximize ROI from each drug launch. Data assets are evolving more complex due to influx of large variety of datasets including structured, unstructured etc. Data quality generally gets ignored while build new-age technology platforms, impacting business decisions and thus business outlooks.

Gartner: ‘Nearly 60% of organizations don’t measure the annual financial cost of poor-quality data, according to the Gartner survey.’1

To measure and improve data quality, every Pharma organization needs an advanced data quality management (DQM) platform. The foundation of DQM serves business outcomes and key decisions that relying on high-quality data.

As business users looking for more credible data assets and self-serve power on data, there is a need for robust data quality solution needed to gauge data health across IT solutions. DataZymes ‘DZLumen’ data quality platform is purpose built for Pharma and Life Sciences industry to proactively monitor and report data health across business and IT stakeholders. With DZLumen data quality management solution, business and IT users get complete control over data quality, user-friendly web driven interface, built-in rule library for Pharma commercial domain, and data quality health reports to empower data governance more efficiently than ever before.

Salient features of data quality solution ‘DZLumen’ are as following:

  • Assess data health to derive data quality score, rules to be applied and plan for data quality improvement
  • Inventory of data quality rules across data management layers from raw file to reporting/analytics. The inventory provides data quality rules can be applied across pharma sources and across data management layers.
  • Complete end to end DQ framework – all metadata driven architecture and highly reusable
  • DQ solution – highly configurable for each data management layer where data travels, and easy of support in operations
  • More than 8 DQ dashboards for senior executives of Pharma organization, highlighting quality of data available in IT systems for business decisions
  • Data health score card across data management solution, Audit variance, Standard deviations across key data (alignment, TRx/NRx etc.) , CRM health checks etc.
  • Automated alerts notification/mechanism

Harvard Business Review: ‘Only 3% of Companies’ Data Meets Basic Quality Standards.’2

Ensuring data quality efficiency and enabling data quality as services with all cloud architecture, Data Quality Solution ‘DZLumen’ is designed with key parameters as follows:

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Make data as strategic asset for informed decisions

DataZymes DZLumen – an enterprise-grade data quality management solution – to ensure the accuracy and consistency of across Pharma commercial datasets and business processes. DZLumen moves and processes data with integrity, giving tomorrow’s market leaders the ability to make better decisions and, ultimately, build new possibilities. DZLumen standardizes the data definitions enterprise wide. DZLumen enables advanced statistical and business-driven data quality checks to provide key data quality insights to businesses and IT users. DZLumen publishes all DQ validation outcomes over intuitive dashboards and provides event-based alerts and notifications on data quality issues.


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