Pharma Data Quality and Governance Solution

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Build trust in your data to make better decisions

DZLumen is an enterprise-grade data quality and governance solution to ensure the accuracy and consistency of your commercial datasets. DZLumen moves and helps process data with integrity, giving tomorrow’s market leaders the ability to make better decisions and ultimately build new possibilities. DZLumen standardizes the data definitions enterprise-wide. DZLumen enables advanced statistical and business-driven data quality checks to provide key data quality insights to businesses and IT users. DZLumen publishes all DQ validation outcomes over intuitive dashboards and provides event-based alerts and notifications on data quality issues.

DZLumen establishes a business glossary and enables users to gain a clear understanding of core concepts and data definitions enterprise-wide. Users will have access to a robust glossary of all the organization’s data assets and apply semantic management for more effective mapping, models, lineage, and impact analysis.

DZLumen addresses your data quality issues by measuring them through DQ scorecards that monitor your data quality KPIs regularly. It is based upon defined business rules to pilot your strategy, take action, and share your progress company-wide.

DZLumen enables data lineage and impact analysis by investigating the lineage of any data assets across the data lifecycle. Users can see linkages to external data sources and targets; gain insight into data structure and flow across the enterprise. You can also trace data usage and assess the impact of system changes.


Product Features

Advanced analytics-driven data quality solution

Exhaustive business data and technical validations

DQ library with 500+ checks across Pharma Commercial data sets

Advanced data quality dashboards

Self-serve capabilities with user interface-driven rule configuration

Scalable across data, reporting, and analytics layers

Business Benefits

Accelerate data governance through proactive DQ management

Enable data discovery through Google-like search interface for data democratization

Advanced AI/ML-driven data quality features

Enhanced business decision-making capabilities

Achieve faster data reconciliation and remediation

Increase confidence on data assets

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