Strategy and Insights

Therapeutic and Portfolio Strategy

Our therapeutic area experts have extensive knowledge of disease markets that serve as the foundation for our thorough market assessments and construction of your portfolio strategy

Disease Area Strategy

Assess epidemiology, market segmentation, landscapes and "white spaces" around the current and future evolution of disease/therapeutic areas

Portfolio Strategy

Make product portfolio decisions by evaluating market landscape, analyzing unmet need, evaluating commercial opportunities

BD and L Analysis  

Identifying opportunities through multiple filters and subsequently screening the opportunities on “clinical and commercial attractiveness”

Competitive Intelligence

Our customized offerings address specific client Key Intelligence questions (KIQ's) by collating secondary data where we comb
through large data sets and secondary reports supplemented with focused primary research efforts

Pipeline Intelligence

In depth analysis of competitor pipelines by Phase/MoA/end points/study populations.

Clinical Trial Benchmarking

Pipeline intelligence also include assessment of competitive clinical trial designs, endpoints, study populations for comparison of likely marketing claims and target product profiles

Conference Coverage

We help our clients to collect information based on KITs/KIQs around competitor products and analysing the clinical data presented, putting the primary and secondary research together

Company/Competitor Profiles

Deep dives into developing detailed competitor profiles that will give you a detailed understanding of a specific area of the commercial business of your competitors

Product Launch strategies

Detailed picture of the competition pre and during launch, to assess optimal positioning, determine key patient and focus on opportunities for driving continued growth through identification of new market segments and LCM

News Monitoring

“Continuous monitoring” enables our clients to stay several steps ahead of the competition and helps to predict their moves in the marketplace


We specialize in developing Patient based and Prescription based sales forecasting for clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology domains. We deploy robust forecast methodologies and a user friendly excel interface which are simple, intuitive and highly flexible to address changing business needs.

Strategic Forecasting

    Our epidemiology based forecast models are logically laid out to accurately capture the calculation steps for the forecast. We use bottom-up patient flow approaches to estimate Market Size and Patient Shares

Demand Forecasting

    Typically Sales Calibration models that consider historical sales data. Continuous support for forecasting activities for marketed brands for maintaining and updating product forecasts, scenario analysis, etc.

Market Intelligence

Our Market Research Team identifies and leverages the best approaches and tools to extract insights from healthcare professionals, patients, Pharma and regulatory agencies and translate the findings into strategic recommendations to meet our clients’ unique business challenges

Market Landscapes

Provide a single repository and consolidated review of the competitive landscape, determining the competitive environment, and evolution of brand strategy within the future market

Patient Journey

Maps the journey of the patient, the role of multiple stakeholders, including clinical, social, environmental, and emotional aspects

Sentiment Analysis  

Maps the journey of the patient, the role of multiple stakeholders, including clinical, social, environmental

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