Our Solutions for Pharma


Our analytics solutions are available as Vertical SaaS solutions along with ad hoc analyses
to cover the breadth and depth of sales and marketing

Sales Analytics

We enable optimization of sales force allocation and spends through sales performance monitoring, segmentation, targeting and call planning

Marketing Analytics

We help clients in spend optimization by enabling performance tracking, Test Control studies, Digital Analytics and Marketing Mix Modelling

Payer Analytics 

Maximize access by understanding payer restrictions, market share, lives covered, claims analysis – approvals, rejections, reject reasons and reversals to segment payers

Patient Analytics

Insights into patient behaviour through longitudinal patient data analysis to understand source of business, patient flow models, switching and abandonment

Data Management

Our data management solution offers customized data integration module with business specific rules and metrics
along with drag and drop interactive UX, eliminating the need for complex coding.

Data Health

Ensures consistent, accurate and reliable data flow through neural network driven automation

Neural Network DQF

Intelligent and automated quality framework allows for proactive data health monitoring and controlling

Customers/Product Masters

Improve data match through validation of masters using combination of automated and manual logics

Affiliations Process

Better segmentation and targeting through consistent affiliation process, involving complex algorithmic processes

Data Integration

Optimize storage and accelerate data access from logical data marts built to meet business requirements

Big Data Management

Execute complex analytical models in parallel, to maximize insights, using our UI driven Big Data framework


Our technical stack allows a range of analytics, business integration and
On-The-Go slicing and dicing to give a 360 degree view of data

Big Data Implementation

  • Implement big data framework
  • Recommending the right tech stack
  • Set up big data solutions for slicing
    and dicing data

Text Mining and NLP

  • Custom text mining algorithms
  • Pre-built accelerators
  • Leverages advanced machine learning techniques
  • Unstructured and real world data

Reporting and Business Intelligence

  • We help recommend the right platform
  • End-to-end implementation
  • Development and hosting frameworks
  • Range of BI tools such as such as Tableau, Spotfire, PowerBI, Microstrategy

Data Visualization

  • Advanced data visualization platforms
  • Highly interactive visuals
  • Direct integration with BI and analytics layers
  • Compatible across all devices -
    web, desktop and mobile

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