Our Platform


Our analytics management solutions allow slice and dice at multiple levels, giving a 360 degree view along with accelerators
for running independent analytical projects without affecting the backend datasets

AI Driven Analytics Apps

Our uniquely designed Artificial Intelligence driven apps allow collaborative analytics with low skill barriers

Customer 360

Our integrated data model provides 360 degree view of Physician, Account and Patient

Exploratory Analytics Zone 

Ability to run custom analytical projects without impacting core data sets or going through large scale IT changes

Business Rules

Handle multiple business rules across teams and ensure single version of truth across all sources of data

Data Management

Our data management solution offers customized data integration module with business specific rules and metrics
along with drag and drop interactive UX, eliminating the need for complex coding.

Neural Network DQF

Ensuring accurate data flow to downstream applications

Multi-Data Storage

Supports both relational and non-relational data

Custom Data Integration

Data validation and transformation customized to your business needs

UI Driven Ingestion and Exploration

Eliminates the need for complex coding and third party tools for unstructured data processing

Data Access Zone

Enables vendors and service providers to access audited and customized data


Our technical architecture is fully secure and HIPAA compliant. Our load balancing algorithms in a cloud hosted
environment gives our users reliable and accurate technology on the go.

Security – HIPAA

  • HIPAA Compliant infrastructure
  • Highly secure environment
  • Default no-trust policy
  • User level security and access enabled
  • Data back up and secure storage


  • Modular build structure
  • Cloud hosted computing
  • Load balancing algorithms
  • On-demand computing power
  • Distributed computing


  • Scalable performance model
  • Load optimization
  • Enhancement On-demand
  • "On-The-Go" Analytics

Business Continuity and Reliability

  • Duplication on alternate servers
  • Industry leading cloud infrastructure
  • Insulated data backup and code repository
  • "Hot Swap" for business critical functions

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