Commercial Analytics

Data Strategy

DataZymes aligns clients’ data-centric capabilities (such as data governance, master data management, data pipeline, data warehouse, big data processing, data science, BI, AI, ML, etc.) with other technologies, people and process initiatives, such that they complement and build on another – maximizing benefit.

Data Capability Assessment

Leverage a capability maturity model to provide organizations with an understanding of current state of data systems along with a roadmap to enhance data maturity for analytical purposes

Data Procurement

Provide support to biopharma, emerging pharma and specialty pharma companies in evaluating different datasets and helping in making the right data purchase based on the business needs of the organization

Data Architecture  

We help organizations come up with a future-proof data architecture – easily collect, integrate, store, enhance and deliver your data in rich and accurate formats that boost your organizations business decision-making.

Data Quality

Build proactive and organic data quality checks at both a business level as well at a technical level to reduce and eliminate data issues in downstream analytical processes.

Data Engineering

DataZymes has expertise in building cloud based data warehouse and data systems using leading cloud providers, such as AWS, Azure, GCP and leverages its partner ecosystem to optimize cost to value and speed to value for your big data and cloud initiatives.

Custom Data Lakes

    We design and build modernized data lakes fit for purpose, yet extensible for future use cases.

Commercial Pharma Data Platform

    We integrate 30+ standard pharma data sources ranging from sub-national to market access to support the launch and ongoing growth of your commercial products.

Data Migration

    We support organizations in their journey from a legacy data infrastructure to a cloud-based infrastructure (AWS, Azure)

Data Operations

    We have the processes, people and toolsets to provide Clients ongoing support in managing their data infrastructure

Business Intelligence

DataZymes helps organizations easily transform large amounts of data into highly actionable and value-driven insights.

Data Visualization

We build great visualizations that helps you understand the big picture, identify trends, and highlight the data points that require your immediate action.

BI Modernization

DataZymes modernizes your BI and supports your organization to be a lot more agile and effective by aligning innovative and technological improvements.

Embedded Analytics  

With specialty products getting the bulk of approvals, Patient support and Field Reimbursement programs have become increasingly important to help patients understand these complex medications and stay compliant.

User Adoption

We have a well-developed approach and framework to enable organizations to on-boarding business users on to the BI and Analytical platforms as seamlessly as possible

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