About Our Company

DataZymes is founded by experts in data science and analytics in the life sciences industry.

Our Story

Analytics in Pharma is fairly mature and well established. However, pharma companies are still struggling to get value from their Analytics investments. The data-to-insights value chain is broken as business users are unable to get access to insights on time and in a consumable fashion. Pharma IT and Analytics teams are unable to keep up with the information explosion happening in the real world and traditional IT and Analytics suppliers have not provided solutions to solve these issues.

DataZymes is taking a unique approach to this problem. We believe that most of the problems are happening at the Data layer than at the Analytics layer. With our deep experience and knowledge of pharma data, we have come up with a next-generation Data Analytics platform that enables Analytics and IT resources in the Pharma organization provide value to the Business community at a fraction of current investments.

We also believe that a lot of effort has already been put in by the IT and Analytics organizations within Pharma so we will only bring in elements of the platform that will enhance the overall Solution rather than do a full replacement. We aim to be the trusted advisors to IT and Analytics teams through an open, transparent and collaborative approach to solving challenges facing the business.