Commercial Analytics

Multi-Channel Marketing

Our approach is to develop a highly integrated MCM Solution which will enable organizations to monitor brand performance and understand ROI across channels and promotional drivers thus getting the most of their marketing investments.

Brand Insights

Our framework for uncovering brand insights is to look at leading and lagging outcome metrics as well as activity metrics at a nation, segment and region level

A/B Testing

Run multiple test and control experiments at scale using an automated control group generator when marketers want a more tactical view of business performance and want to understand ROI for a specific tactic or channel

Market Mix Modeling  

Multi-variate regression of marketing interventions to quantify the role of each marketing lever including contribution, marginal ROI, lag structures etc

Sales Effectiveness

Our Sales Effectiveness solutions look at understanding gaps in performance and activity and allow Sales Leaders to get the most of their teams.

Sales Leadership Dashboard

We provide Sales Leadership with an ability to drill down and identify gaps in sales performance

Field Performance Reporting

Our Field Reporting Suite provides your sales force with real-time, meaningful customer data and insights to help build customer relationships and new sales opportunities

Segmentation and Targeting

We help our clients to segment and target the right customers.

Patient Analytics

Datazymes bridges the gap between Pharma domain, data and technology by building data infrastructure purpose built for patient data.

Patient Journey

We provide users standard and custom analytics to track and understand patient behavior from diagnosis, treatment, switching between medications, outcomes and associated costs.

Persistence and Adherence

Understand how long patients take a drug before either switching to a new drug or stopping treatment entirely.

Hub Analytics  

With specialty products getting the bulk of approvals, Patient support and Field Reimbursement programs have become increasingly important to help patients understand these complex medications and stay compliant.

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