Measure the effectiveness of saving coupons

for a major Pharma company

Pharma Manufacturer
6 Weeks
10,000+ Employees


  • Savings coupons allow patients to save on their prescriptions
  • The customer launched a coupon program in few test states to understand the impact of coupons on patients and prescriptions
  • Objective here was to check if the investment in the coupon program was worthy so that it can be rolled out to the remaining states
  • The customer launched a coupon program in test states so that patients can save on their prescriptions. In order to check if the program should continue to roll out, the impact and ROI of the program needs to be measured.


    DataZymes helped in

  • Reports:
    Create and automate, weekly and monthly reports to track the changes in Rx trends , utilization of coupons by each test state as compared to control states.

  • Test Control Matching:
    Physicians in test states were mapped to similar profile physicians in control states. The profile variables included Rx trends, speciality, distance in miles, access information, etc.

  • Measure Effectiveness of the program:
         - Using the above test-control match, statistical models were developed to understand the impact of coupons as a function of Rx, samples, coupons , access etc.
         - Measure adherence and abandonment, check if there is increase in adherence and decrease in abandonment in the test states with the program.
         - Understand the co-pay influence on abandonment and adherence
         - Create reports and visualizations in Spotfire
  • The DZ Team helped measure the effectiveness of the campaign program. A set of automated reports and visualizations helped the customer roll out the coupon program across the remaining states in United States of America.