Several Fortune 500 Pharma manufacturers
as well as
Small and Medium Pharma companies use DataZymes

Blueprint Data Health Assessment
for a Specialty Pharma Manufacturer

Data inaccuracy and lack of trust in content resulted in operational challenges and poor data health and consumption for the customer.

The DZ Team made recommendations of the overall data health framework, including an automated dashboard to monitor real time data health with proactive alerts
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The DataZymes platform helped us reduce the cost of data-to-insights process as well as generate valuable insights from syndicated data sources
Head of Commercial Operations
Mid-sized Pharma manufacturer
DataZymes' data quality framework and data health dashboard helped us determine the bottlenecks in the data management processes.
Lead, Specialty Decision Support and Reporting
Global Top 20 Pharma Company

Text analytics to improve contact center performance

The customer wanted to analyse their contact centre text data that mostly included call transcripts to understand trends and improve customer centricity

The DZ Team identified the top reasons for delays in improvements for operational efficiency. Using a combination of machine learning and NLP, hot topics and customer sentiments were analysed.
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Measure the effectiveness of saving coupons for a large Pharma manufacturer

The customer launched a coupon program in test states so that patients can save on their prescriptions.

The DZ Team helped measure the effectiveness of the campaign program. A set of automated reports and visualizations helped the customer roll out the coupon program across the remaining states in United States of America.
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